SHADE Newsletter 30th May 2024

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of the SHADE newsletter! 

SHADE is a research hub with a mission to explore issues at the intersection of digital technologies/AI, health and the environment. It is guided by a fundamental question: How should the balance between AI/digital enabled health and planetary health be struck in different areas of the world, and what should be the guiding principles?

The SHADE newsletter comes out every two weeks, bringing you a selection of the latest news, upcoming events, academic publications and podcasts in the SHADE space.

In this newsletter, we highlight the lack of global, One Health disease surveillance. We take a sweep through the latest on AI infrastructure and AI safety initiatives, check in on the build up to this week’s World Health Assembly and the UN meeting on AMR in September, explore a new approach to Health Technology Assessment, take in some neat communications on the environmental sustainability of digital tech, deep dive into EU tech regulations and much more.  We hope you enjoy it!

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Highlight on (the lack of) surveillance

  • Nature reports on the risks of bird flu in cows spreading to humans, highlighting calls for more testing for cattle and people working on farms.

  • A key insight emerging from analysing disease outbreaks globally is that outbreak intensity is mainly dictated by the proximity of a health facility. This shows that disease surveillance systems are insufficient for comprehensive monitoring and response.

  • The first paper in the Lancet Series on AMR calls for surveillance that covers all geographical areas, minimises biases towards hospital derived data and includes non human niches. (Hear from Dr. Iruka N. Okeke, one of the authors of this paper, in ‘what we’re listening to’ below)


What we’re listening to and looking at

What we’re reading



  • The MSc in Climate Change and Planetary Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is now available online. Apply now for 2024/25.

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