SHADE Newsletter 22nd February 2024

Welcome to the seventh edition of the SHADE newsletter! 

SHADE is a research hub with a mission to explore issues at the intersection of digital technologies/AI, health and the environment. It is guided by a fundamental question: How should the balance between AI/digital enabled health and planetary health be struck in different areas of the world, and what should be the guiding principles?

The SHADE newsletter comes out every two weeks, bringing you a selection of the latest news, upcoming events, academic publications and podcasts in the SHADE space.

In this newsletter, we highlight recent studies combining climate and health data. We take a sweep through peaks, tipping points and One Health stories, find data centres in unlikely places, take a look at different flavours of precision medicine, explore emerging tools, standards and frameworks for environmentally sustainable tech and much more.  We hope you enjoy it!

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Highlight on Studies Combining Climate data with Health data


What we’re listening to

  • “Take any observation and convert it to environmental impacts”. That’s the goal of the Green Software Foundation’s Impact Framework project and what Carbon Hack 2024, starting in March, is focussed on. It’s a plug in fest with prizes - check it out in this announcement. You don’t have to be technical to take part.

  • This episode of the Environment Variables podcast looks at Embodied Carbon.

  • Another example of combining health and climate data comes in this podcast from the One Health Trust on Air Pollution, Depression and Pregnancy.

What we’re reading



And finally, check out PauseAI and calculate your p(doom) value.

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