SHADE Newsletter 16th May 2024

Welcome to the thirteenth edition of the SHADE newsletter! 

SHADE is a research hub with a mission to explore issues at the intersection of digital technologies/AI, health and the environment. It is guided by a fundamental question: How should the balance between AI/digital enabled health and planetary health be struck in different areas of the world, and what should be the guiding principles?

The SHADE newsletter comes out every two weeks, bringing you a selection of the latest news, upcoming events, academic publications and podcasts in the SHADE space.

In this newsletter, we highlight the field of health impact attribution. We take a sweep through AMR, wildfires, the launch of AlphaFold 3 and bird flu in cows, learn about the complexities of the transition to clean energy, call out Microsoft, check out another batch of studies linking climate and health and much more.  We hope you enjoy it!

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Highlight on health impact attribution

  • The Wellcome commissioned report on the Detection and Attribution of Climate Change Impacts on Human Health is out, with suggestions as to how the field can ‘catch up to the rapidly evolving crisis’. It points out that the nascent, and fragmented, ‘health impact attribution’ field has huge potential to shine a light on the growing cost of climate inaction.

  • In the same space the 2024 Europe report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change is also out this month, with the latest on what its existing 42 climate health indicators are telling us, and the addition of 9 new indicators. The report clearly demonstrates that ‘unprecedented warming demands unprecedented action’.


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And finally, a long read from Noema on rewilding the Internet.

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